Submission Guidelines

Call for Papers

Authors are invited to submit papers and to propose theme sessions on topics including:
  • Sensory processes
  • Scaling
  • Psychophysical methods
  • Cognitive factors in psychophysics (e.g. memory, attention)
  • Time perception
  • Cross-modal processing
  • History and philosophy of psychophysics
  • Animal psychophysics
  • Mathematical and computational modeling
  • Practical applications
Last year’s scientific program can be viewed here.
As in past years, conference proceedings and papers will be published in book form.
However, it was decided at last year’s business meeting that the published book will ONLY be provided to current ISP members who are attending the conference. For all other full and current ISP members, full text PDF’s will be made available on the ISP website.
Submit proposals for theme sessions to

Submission Process

1. Oral/Poster presentation

Submit the following to (Use subject header “Fechner Day 2010”)

2. Proceedings manuscript

The proceedings will be published in book format. ISP members attending the conference will receive copies of the published books; all other full ISP members can access the published proceedings as full text PDF’s on the ISP website.

For manuscript guidelines, please consult the links below:

Manuscript guidelines also available in PDF.

A sample manuscript:

If you experience problems downloading these documents, please contact us at

Deadline: August 6, 2010

Poster presentations: Posters must fit within and be attached with Velcro, which will be provided, to the poster boards, that are 90 cm high (2.95 feet) by 70 cm wide (2.3 feet).